Some people call me a hoarder, and I prefer the term “well prepared”

Okayso, I’m going through my purse. Guess what I found?
Well, what didn’t I find?

  • Three tubes of mascara. (In case one runs out, and the other one doesn’t work. You know?)
  • A pair of socks. (In case I forgot to wear some BEFORE I put on my shoes and left my house. Common mistake.)
  • A LaSenza push up bra. (In case I forget to put on a bra BEFORE I leave my house. Happens to everyone, don’t deny it.)
  • 4 packs of gum (best to always be prepared.)
  • Dog treats. (in case there happens to be a very angry dog that tries to chase me.)
  • A packet of ketchup. (that way I don’t have to pay extra at fast food restaurants)
  • A broken iPhone. (In case my current iPhone gets lonely in there.)
  • 5 lost pairs of headphones. (in case I want to listen to 5 different songs. on different iPods. At once.)
  • A cutout picture of Adriana Lima….? (Because I need one. Okay?)
  • A steakknife. (In case of a murderer. Or a zombie apocalypse.)
  • A plastic spider. (What if I need to scare somebody?)
  • A BBQ lighter. (What if I need to set something on fire?) 

So yeah. I really hope I’m not the only one who does this…

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